Colombia is proud to host the 40th ANNUAL WORKSHOP & SYMPOSIUM, IEA-EOR 2019


We are honored to host the 40th annual IEA EOR workshop in Colombia. Welcoming members of Australia, Austria, Canada, China, South Korea, Denmark, France, Japan, Mexico, Norway, UK, USA, Venezuela, Russia and Colombia.  We are proud to include our invited observers from, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, India, Peru, Surinam, Malaysia and Trinidad Tobago.

The opportunity to submit abstracts is from April 26th to May 27th. Registration for the workshop and abstracts are subject to approval from the national representative of your country. Each IEA EOR TCP member country will have two presentation slots, Observer countries are allowed two presentations on current EOR developments.

The IEA (International Energy Agency) has had a consistent focus on EOR (Enhance Oil Recovery) for the last 40 years. EOR is a proven option to improve the recovery factor while considering the global tendency of production decline. Furthermore, oil and gas countries must continue to research and innovate in the area of EOR technologies.

The Technology Collaboration Programme on EOR has been an efficient forum for knowledge sharing and inspiration. It has led to concrete collaboration across the globe and remains an important network for public organizations, national oil companies, and private enterprises.

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

September 16 – 20, 2019

Field trip

Important Dates

Host Location


Sept, 20th

September 16 - 20, 2019, Cartagena - Colombia


"Views, findings and publications of the EOR TCP do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the IEA Secretariat or its individual member countries."


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